Miklós Paulik


Universal player.

Miklós is a very ambitious player, playing intense paintball for the last 5 years. Since we know him, he is working constantly to develop himself, and his paintball skills. He is learning with our team, from our team, for our team. On the field he is sometimes in the pin’s, sometimes on the snake side, sometimes on the Doritos side, very universal, integrates with the team, and likes to be told where to go by a plan. If there is a risk to be taken, he takes it, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but its always worth to try, and to experience what happens, let it be a lucky or an unlucky thing. A superman-jump, or running across a line of fire is damn risky, and can be a real surprise, even for us. Especially with a good coach, he can do miracles.

In his ambition, he is very reliable, a player we can count on. In the breaks he is usually active with preparing the gear and in general he is helping where he can. Miklós is also a great referee! As second oldest, he is 30 years old, and most likely he will get married this year.

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