Levente Sáfrány

Team strategist, central player.

Being dedicated to paintball is not always easy. Levente had to struggle with the fact that he is putting a lot of energy into training, game-play, to a team to gain experience, and people around him can not keep up, for different reasons. Even though he lost motivation for a while, he found a comfortable position in our team where he can focus on what for him matters the most: team strategy. The years and efforts of the past payed off well. Skills, experience, overview, routine are in his bones, and solid in his moves. Together with Gergő, they were playing in the Bullets youth team, Eastern block, where they got professional training from a professional team, and professional players like Oliver Lang. After their times in Eastern Block, Levente wanted to stay at the more professional game level, and built the “Ujralabda” indoor reball field, which was a non-profit training field in Budapest.

Levente has many skills, and a heavy in-game weight in our team. He is the one usually planning and determining team strategy, observing opposing teams, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, and directing all other players what they should do or try to do. He can be a back-player, or he can advance on the snake-side, he feels comfortable in any field-position. He knows the rules, and pays attention to details, even to the referees and their skills on the field are substance of his observations. Levente is also a good coach for the team. As a 24 years old young adult, these days he lives in the Netherlands, working at ASML, the company that is developing microprocessor manufacturing devices.

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