István Király

Team Captain and Dorito side player.

In Austria, he became “One-shot-willy”, and under Hungarian nickname he is called something like “Sneak-King”. István is said to be a very unique player in paintball, usually not playing “Rambo” style on the field. He is still carrying two 100-ball pod’s, and barley uses them! Most people are usually wondering how he can compete with people having 1000 paintball’s in their pod’s. The answer is in his snap-shooting and wrapping skill’s, as he can manage quite often to shoot a single bullet, and hit the opposing player that is shooting constantly to all sides of his bunker, without beeing marked himself. He is well known for his accuracy with single shots, for his unconvetional style of movement on the field, wich clearly doesent look like its by the book, rather strangly-unique but still effective.

István proved himself also as responsible Team Captain. With 34 being the oldest member, speaking 3 languages, and having the economic power to support his team members, he has gained respect from all players, so that everyone accepts his authority. Meanwhile István is a silent front-player usually playing, or better said, sneaking in stealth mode on the Dorito-side. Team strategy and in-game leadership are left open for others.

First, with the local woodsball team Desperados, István started to play paintball on hobby level ages ago, then later, something like 14 years ago, he joined the regular training Sundays at the Weiner Paintball Centrum, where Budapest Bullets and Nitro Express practiced, and started their emerging careers. István got invited to play for Nitro Express, and later for Tigra. These teams participated in international tournaments across eastern europe. István had a break, when he moved to Prague, to work at Bohemia Interactive Studios, a game developer software company, and started to play actively again when he moved back to Hungary, and is playing since then, more active then ever, while working professionally as the technical manager in the “kolor” crew, one of the well known party promoter organisations in Budapest’s nightlife these days.

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