Gergő Hosszú

Covering back player.

Paintball is a passion and a life-style. Once a paintballer, always a paintballer. Adrenaline is cheap in this sport, and even if it is extreme from time to time, it is similar to an addiction. Gergő is calm, constantly motivated, with the sport itself and everything around it. The community, the people. Some people don’t take him so serious on the field, but he is good for a surprise. Fast surprising moves might not be his strength, but he can keep his domination and his focus where it has to be, on tightening the enemy, and making players stuck at uncomfortable field positions.

Gergő is our back player, and our covering firepower. He is 26 years old, and the tallest among us. He has the physics to carry a lot of paint, the skills to properly close lanes, and to bring advantage for our team by hitting opposing players at their breakout. He is the guy always around, talkative and communicative, our unofficial man for our public relations, and our official front-man when it’s time to party. He is living in Budapest, studying the various fields of mechatronics. Gergő and Levente are old friends, they also studyed at the same schools, practiced together with Bullets, and played together in Eastern Block.

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