Bence Balog

Front player.

It is a brash business to be always at the foremost front. No one is chasing him, it is his boiling blood that makes him aware, and makes him move fast. The lack of attention from the opposing team for just a moment is enough, and he is already at the next cover. But hey, he is the most visible and audible player on the field, he deserves constant attention, and is just a fair move to slide ahead if the lane is open. His moves are also very stylish, elegant, and adored by spectators.

Bence, 25 years young, was introduced to paintball by István, and playing serious for about 4 years now. This should not make anyone underestimate his skills! During our tournaments in Austria he was chosen twice, player of the day! He seems to have real talent for paintball. He is an aggressive front player, with good snap-shooting skills, firepower, and constant in game communication. He is loud, very recognizable for opposing players, flexible, playing any side. He is living more outside of Budapest, constantly training his physical condition. In professional life he is working in accounting and bookkeeping.

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