Closing the season of 2017

A Disaster. Not just for our team, but for paintball, and the scene. The beach-cup literally ended up in smoke, the guy who supposed to bring air didn’t show up, the compressor we got there locally was not functional with an un-repairable problem with the security preassure protection, the second local guy completley underestimated the situation and brought a tiny compressor, and our final effort, to get a proper compressor from Budapest ended when the electrician crew from Trogir connected the 400V industrial power with one phase missing, and burned the motor of the compressor. At that point we run out of options, and had to cancel the turnament. …

We had little more luck the next week. Our self-organised event called “Huszárvágás” was a success, the guys from Győri paintball SE won, Hős utca fighters got the second place, Bounty Hunters got third, and Balkan Express fourth place. We plan to organise 2-3 events a year for the Hungarian scene, and one or two international events in coorporation with Steve and Andrij from the beach-cup crew. We look forward for it. May the force be with us.


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