In the middle of 2017 ..

It may seem that our team got inactive, but this would be far from the truth. While it is true, that in the last 5 years our lives changed, kids were born, students became heroes of work, and life goes on it’s path, most of us still have passion for paintball. The scene changed as well, and we are working on the adaption of changes. We can say that there are some fanatics under us, that are really crazy and push the chariot uphill. We have our OWN FIELD where we have our Sunday club to play paintball. Viktor made a reball field, and is on the way to get a profession with the paintball akademia. We help at the organisation of the beach cup in croatia, and last but not least there is this paintball field application to manage games and turnaments. Xoclock is opensource, and ready for pro use! So, yes, this season was not about tournaments, but about changes. We hope that we can get a new generation of players, and keep our shocking hobby alive!


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