2nd Place on the 1st OPBL


Levente, Zoltán, István, Gergő, Bence, Tacepao, Miklós

We had a really nice weekend on the first OPBL in Austria. Great players, Great Teams, Great Marshals, Great Event. Thanks to everyone involved! In the 3-man format on Saturday, we made it to the finals, and finished on the second place. We were the only team beating Paradise Connection – the winning team – in the foreplay, as well as in the finals, the difference was just one bodycount. On Sunday, we played first time 5-man race2 with our full team, made it to the finals, sneaked some points here and there, and finished on the 4th place, which is great, as on the week before on the MPL we’ve been 5th. At the end of the first day, Bence got the player of the day title. Big thanks to Zoltán, and to all his support, his sponsorship and support was very helpful for us.


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