MPL – 3rd place

Ádám, Attila, István, Henrik, Viktor, Miklós

On the first MPL we had an easy walk to the semifinals with our allstars formation, we lost our important match, and therefore we landed on the third place.


Preparing the 2015 Season.


István is practicing with SoCal Force in San Diego.
Force is a new team, formed by Carl Reyes and Brian Bosley, and is coached by Blake Yarber from Dynasty.


In-game Paintball Turnament

A little video we recorded with two go-pro’s on a paintball tournament in Austria.


MPL – Season Champions!

Miklós, Lorenzo, István

[Attila], Miklós, Lorenzo, István

We played the second MPL event without loosing a match, therefore we have the champions title of the event and the season.


OPLX – 3rd place

Attila, Miklós, Gergő, Viktor, István, Dankesz, Lorenzo

On the fourth event, we got a third place on the OPLX.


CEPL – 5th place

István, Bence, Attila, Miklós, Lorenzo

István, Bence, Attila, Miklós, Lorenzo

Usually we are part of the referees team on the CEPL series, but this time we decided that we will play on this event, to have more games in this season. Playing a tournament is a good opportunity to play and practice, and we can say, that we have two new rock-solid team members this season, so we need to gain comfort playing together. CEPL has some strong participating opponents, and the result is not so bad, as there were 10 registered international teams, with some highly skilled players.


OPLX – 4th place

We played the second event of the OPLX this weekend. We never played under such weather conditions, it was raining and raining and raining, ….


2014 Season Start

MPL 2014

Gergő Hosszú, Gergő Galisz, István Király, Miklós Paulik, Lorenzo S. Tano … Aliz, Krisztina, Barbara

This year, our primary goal is to get new players to our level to the team, so can stabilize our 5-man tournament-team. Our newest player is Lorenzo S. Tano, who is very young, and motivated, we are training on his field. By now he has his first tournament experiences, and he has a central role in the team infrastructure. Another new player in our team is Ferenc Santa, who is around in the paintball scene for a while. We get more help from Gergely Galisz, who has also plans to make it into the team in the near future. Plenty of new players, to train and to play with. Our first event at the OplX didnt go well. Our first game was against Vienna United, and we really felt we lost 3 points to the refrees. This is how a tournament is, and X-ball is fast! Vienna won the tournament, and we couldn’t really score and lost a bit of our motivation for that day. Last weekend we played at the MPL in a 3-man format with two teams. After the OplX we felt it easy, and won the first and second places. This weekend we are driving to the first CEPL event, we will be part of the refree’s crew. Thanks to Pannon Paintball for their support!


Staatsmeister 2013 in Austria.

Even though we had our worst results on the 5th event of the OPBL, that is 5th place on the 3-man, and 7th place on the 5 man race 2, it didnt affect our season results. We have the “Staatsmesiter” title, with gold in 3-man, and bronze in 5-man. We are looking forward for the Opl-X next year.

Thanks to Pelso Speed Park for the support.


3rd place – MPL race2 3-man


Last weekend we played at the MPL – the hungarian league, and got a 3rd place.